Frequently Asked Questions



Questions regarding the delivery


How long does it take to receive my goods?

Normally we deliver in Germany within two working days. (For Payment: Should) PayPal or Money Order that is not possible, they are immediately informed of the appointment of the exact delivery time.

How do I get my goods?

Our products are shipped by DHL or Hermes.

How to proceed if the purchased product does not meet the expectations?

You can revoke your contract explanation within two weeks without giving reasons. The detail cancellation instructions please refer to our Terms



Questions regarding the payment

We accept:

Payment by Pay Pal

Pay Pal supports following payment methods.
* Debit
* Credit Cards
* Giropay
* PayPal balance
* Bank Transfer

More info at: http://www.paypal.com

Payment by cash on delivery (only in Germany)

Payment in advance

Cash on pickup




Questions about fair trade (fair trade)


Our company complies with the Fair Trade guidelines, or is attempting to implement it yet. Unfortunately we are not able to finance a certification yet, but we can show the following achievements.


- direct trade with groups of producers without intermediaries
- pre-and long-term supply relationships
- environmental Standards

And we further: We're with each craftsman personally in contact and we have "no-profit" promotions. The benefits from these promotions goes directly to support a producer group of our choice. We support the manufacturer to participate in courses and assist in the buying tools.




Questions about the sizes

Why the kids sizes are not only about clothing sizes indicated in?

After we could find after a long search, no standard sizes for children and baby sizes we have decided to produce our own values. We have evaluated the size of tables by many manufacturers, and a planned mediocrity. How do I find the right size?

We have tried to make our own size charts for babies and children as simple and clear. Them the dimensions and size tables are available in graphical form.

Where can I find the size of tables?

Normally, the sizes are always specified as a small bid next to the picture. If this is not the case, they will find all our size charts for babies and children.



Ask for help


Support the Bolivian artisans


Background: Many Bolivian artisans living from selling goods to tourists. The market is very competitive and prices are low and far away from fair. Moreover, tourism is dependent on the political situation in Bolivia and the infrastructure for mass tourism is not present. Many artisans have only a simple or no education. With the support of the relief agencies, only a few of the bounce and can export their goods themselves. The complication is Bolivia's geographic location, because the country has no direct access to the sea, the resulting transport costs are very high and consumes a lot of the selling price.

Andina Arts was established to combine social commitment and a concept of business. In collaboration with Bolivian Artisan guilds a market trying to find Bolivian handicrafts.


Our goal: We want to create an infrastructure for Bolivian products and find a market for these at the same time. If we can succeed in this, the manufacturers promise long-term or regular incomes and thus enable them and their families a decent life.

How can you help? You like our products? Then you can buy something of course :-). Yes, if it were easy, there would need to ask for your help. No, you can help by telling your friends, relatives and acquaintances of our project. We need a solid customer base, because this is the only way to carry on with our idea. Otherwise we can not risk of new orders (new investments) and our project will find premature end.