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Wayna Qanthaty our producer for felted products

Producer for felted productsAmelia Apaza and Juana Poma achieved their independence through the possibility of offering their products toAndina Arts. Amelia talks about her experiences: "In 1993 I started with some German missionaries working. 7 years, we worked with a group of women, until the German missionaries returned to their country. Later the group lost its market and separated. So I started at home with a group of women to work, with the will to continue working with felt. We had the good fortune to meet Señor Meinel, helping us to distribute our felt products at Andina Arts. " The creativity and initiative of these women is admirable. They developed five new product lines made from felt and experimenting with natural pigments to produce their own organic colors. You save into a machine for cleaning of the felt to invest and are an example for women with entrepreneurial spirit, the struggle to escape poverty.


Artesanías Illampu our manufacturers for products made of fur

Producer for fur productsDaniel Condori is furrier of the Aymara folk of Achacachi. His words are an example of perseverance and dignified work, to escape poverty. He writes about himself: "I, Daniel, began at a young age to work with a group of artisans. Later I decided to make my own business to earn a living and immerse yourself in the life that was meant in this world for me. I wanted to step out of poverty and decided to open a workshop in which I work together with my family." The most important part of his work is a certificate. Certifying that he acquires only the hides of animals, of natural causes died or human consumption slaughtered.


Artesanías Joel producer for wooden products

Wooden ProductsPedro Condori is a "Artesano" from the city of El Alto. In lovingly hand he made this beautiful turning work of the highest quality. In the photo shows Pedro and his wife, their timeless and unique products. Pedro hopes to increase its sales in Germany so that he could allow his family a comfortable life. He used traditional wood (eg Tarara) from different regions. All woods are from environmentally sustainable sources, which are often protected by local communities because they are a part of nature and culture.


Sahumerios Andinos our producer for rituals

rituals Sahumerios Andinos is an association of craftsmen who are based in the region of Lake Titicaca and the ancient Tiwanacu. From potters, tailors to the collector of the flavors of the shrubs, make any craftsman's contribution to development of the product. The "Sahumerio" is a collection of elements that are used for the thanksgiving ritual to Pachamama (Mother Earth) to secure happiness and blessings. This ritual is used by the Andean cultures in special moments, such as carried out to opening a business, buying a house or New Year.


Atelier Catalina is the manufacturer of our beautiful jewelry

Producer for felted jewelryGeben Sie Text oder eine Website-Adresse ein oder lassen Sie ein Dokument übersetzen. Abbrechen Anhören Übersetzung von Deutsch nach Englisch Catalina was a girl that was before the completion of their second year of life to an angel. Through their entertaining journey through life has left traces, and now more inspiration for the manufacture of jewelry. In the workshop, with their name, are now next to the production rates for girls and boys organized. From natural materials such as felt, clay, wool, semen here, unique and modern jewelry. Angeline's, the main operator and designer of the jewelry is continually working on new creations, which are based on the current color and texture trends.


Nancy Mollinedo is our producer for mantillas

is one of our first partners. She is from La Paz, where she works in her small sewing shop. The cape is one of the most gorgeous clothes in the wardrobe of the Bolivian Andean women. Nancy has designed a high quality range of Scarves with the finest embroidery and details from macrame. The delicacy of this work makes this garment the perfect complement to an evening gown.