Gifts for babies

Gifts for babies

gifts for babies

baby sweater made of alpaca, felted slippers for babies and toys made from natural raw materials.

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Baby house shoes - Mouse - Size: 15

Gray baby slippers made of felt, made with sweet mouse face and a sole made of leather. A beautiful gift for the birth.
Size: EU: 15, 17, 18, 20, 21

£14.19 *

Baby house shoe

Baby slippers from gray brown felt touched with black spots. ! Hand made a great gift purchases
Size: EU = 16

£15.14 / pair(s) *

Long-sleeved jumper for girls

Turquoise sweater lovingly made by hand. Soft and warm because of the high proportion of alpaca wool. Available in three sizes.

£15.23 *

Boots for children -Mouse

Boots for children made of felt Mouse design - A008OR Size: 10 cm , EU = 17

£16.09 / pair(s) *

Brown white colored girls sweater with cap

Fashionable girls sweaters, and one to design matching hat made by hand from fine brown alpaca wool. approx: 2. - 3. Month

£18.95 *

Baby house shoe

Funny Felt slippers for babies. Hand made out of gray felt and touched with green spots. Gift for the birth
Size: 9 cm, EU = 16

£15.14 / pair(s) *

Brown jumper for babies new borns (Design: 5)

Colorful sweaters and cuddly warm with alpaca design. Made from 80% alpaca and 20% polyester 0-1 Month

£13.81 *
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Christmas tree as a hand-made keyring

Christmas tree as a hand-made keyring. Suitable for the upcoming season made with lots of love from felt.

£2.76 *
In stock
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