Gift Ideas

The right to give gifts

- the occasion
- Of course ... the gender ... man or woman, girl or boy
Formal or friendly
- Age
- Interests and hobbies
- Obnoxious Gifts

The occasion:

There are certainly thousands of occasions to give something, so we would like to name a few.

Annual Events


eg for a birthday, birth, gifts for Christmas, Easter, St. Nicholas, Valentine's Day, Day, Women's, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day

Not annual events


eg for the golden wedding, silver wedding, a company jubilee,

Special Occasions


such as Engagement, wedding, birth, baptism, youth initiation, communion, for Back to School

Gift of life situations


e.g. Parting gifts, gift as an apology, a gift as an inducement, a parting gift, to recovery, to collect gifts, gifts as a reward, gifts of love, welcome gift

The gender:


Should not really be that difficult, unless you want a gift for the birth and do not know what it is. Then there are only three possibilities: A (n) spy (in) after birth, send or call in the hospital, so perhaps they will pass on data protection. The secret with trick questions elicit. A neutral gift buying.

Formal or friendly;


Of course, it is not just good, they give the boss a bra, even though this was very expensive. Here it is especially important that people be informed of the interests. The gift should be in the middle, because too expensive looks for bribery or A.. crawl out. Too cheap a certain indifference shows, unless they themselves have a lot of work invested in the gift.



is one of the most important aspects should respect the man. This is particularly important in gifts for children or adolescents. In children, the industry will help us a bit on the jumps, because the most toys have a recommended age group. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the teenagers, because they are more demanding and often have little understanding of an inappropriate gift. Hard to find good gifts here, but when it deals a little with the interests of teens, you can find quickly the right gift. In the case of the older generation is no longer so crucial, although there should be the point of advancing more attention.

Interests and hobbies


are the key words for gifts. I want to give this issue but deal still not too intense, and only a few thought-provoking.
Reading - book or a book token
Cycling - Gloves, money belt, wind jacket, map of bike paths
Football - Ticket for a game, a ball, calendars, memorabilia,
Dancing - tickets for a tournament, such as dance lessons Salsa, disco visit, concert ticket
Music - CD's favorite band, tickets for a concert, Fashion, Cooking - cookbook, special spice mixture, invitation to TV Cooking Club.

Obnoxious Gifts


Women: Household and kitchen utensils, clothing (except when she expressed a wish), candy
Men: socks, ties, clothing and underwear
Tip: Cash gifts are impersonal, especially the small ones. :-)

Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts for young and old. Whether jewelry or the bowl of wood, handmade gifts are better gifts and support our producers in Bolivia.

Gifts for Wedding

Special wedding gifts for bride and groom together in the new future. Live together, eat, drink, laugh and dance and dream schalfen. No matter what they give the couple should follow in any case for a long time and be of equal benefit to both.

Gifts for baby shower

There's nothing better than a friend, relative or close friend to congratulate you on birth and in the proud eyes of the mother or the father's gaze. Of course, they should also have the right gift here.

Gifts for Children

Children's clothing from alpaca wool, made by hand or the toy made of real Lamafell. Give them the right to give the heart and mind. Natural hand-made.

Gifts for babies

Felt slippers in mouse design, made from baby alpaca wool sweater with great care by hand. Her natural gift of Andina Arts. Now baby sweater made from 100% alpaca Available

gifts for father´s day

Special gifts for men. Whether for Father's Day, birthday or for Christmas they buy an unusual gift. Zeilose handcrafted gifts at Andina Arts.

Gifts for mother's day

Give them something special for Mother's Day. A Mother's Day gift of love crafted by hand. - Gift for Mother's Day, Mother's Day, gifts for women

Gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts, Christmas gift, gifts for the festival

Gifts for housewarming

The large selection of gifts for Housewarming. From Bottle Leather Dress, rustic wooden bowl, slippers made from the finest alpaca, the wide selection of gifts for Housewarming.

Gifts to eastern

Easter 2011 - on 24 April is once again ready. Give it with love one of the better gifts. Handicrafts as Easter Gifts

Gift Vouchers

You like our project and want to support us, then they have the solution: a gift voucher. Certificates are always a good alternative if one is missing the right gift idea. Just click of the button "buy coupon" and set out an appropriate amount.