Andina Arts Events

Also this year was again much Andina Arts go to the highlights above all an invitation included the qualification events for the Land Rover Experience Tour in Bolivia. Still looking for a highlight for her party, festival or party.

  • 2009 - Christmas Market Schneeberg, Erlbacher Fair, 5. Hof- & Kartoffelfest, 16. Folklorum - The Festival of Cultures, 30. Free und Outside, 50. Plauener Spitzenfest,
  • 2010 - Medieval craft market in Planschwitz , Well and Wine Festival in Bad Schlema, Rock for a colorful Vogtland, Land Rover four-wheel adventure event Bad Kissingen, Knights tournament and a medieval market in Esternberg, Easter Market in Bad Schlema, Christmas Market Schneeberg



Events we joint in the year 2010


Medieval craft market in Planschwitz

On 30 and 31 October was held in Planschwitz a Medieval craft market. The medieval association "Woytelande e.V." caused a great hobby and lots of fun entertainment for young and old. The organizers were able to escape with a lot of effort created a medieval ambience in which guests for a short time everyday.
Ritterturnier Mittelaltermarkt Mittelalter woytelande Planschwitz

Well and Wine Festival in Bad Schlema

On 09 and 10 October 2010 it was again - the traditional Well and Wine Festival once again offered a lot of fun and entertainment. More than 25 retailers and direct marketers provided each of 11 bis 18 clock for colorful market.
Bad Schlema, Dealer, Market, Wine festival

Rock for a colorful Vogtland

Rock für ein buntes VogtlandOn 12.06.2010 Andina Arts took part in the festival "Rock for a colorful Vogtland". A special event which campaigns against the spread of neo-Nazi scene in the Vogtland. Special thanks to the organizers and Antje-Gesine March for taking a little extra time for us. Read more about it here..
Colorful rock concert Vogtland Göltzschtalbrücke

Land Rover four-wheel adventure event Bad Kissingen

From the 03th of June until the 06th Andina Arts participated as a partner of Land Rover Germany. Andina Arts represented the Bolivian handicrafts and culture. The reason for this invitation which is the Land Rover Experience Tour, the 2010 in Bolivia. More information can be found here
At this point we want to again sincerely thank all staff who have supported us on the ground and looked after us in a friendly manner. We also want to thank the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism for the provision of information im any possible way.
Experience Tour Bolivia 2011 Bad Kissingen

Knights tournament and a medieval market in Esternberg

BIt was colorful market life of 03 - 05 April at the jousting tournament and medieval market in the ruins in Esternberg. This Easter you could do with a difference. Medieval costumes, games and music brought the event a great entertainment value. We thank the members of the association "Woytelande" which gave us the opportunity to present our products at the festival.
Easter Easter market jousting tournament medieval market medieval Esternberg

Easter Market in Bad Schlema

On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, 04th and 05 April 2010, was held the traditional Easter market in the shopping mall at Spa in Bad Schlema. From 11.00 am to 18.00 clock invited numerous dealers to Mark colorful goings-on. With good entertainment for young and old, the market for a beautiful Easter experience.
Easter Easter Market Bad Schlema



Events we joint in the year 2009


Christmas Market Schneeberg

Weihnachtsmarkt in SchneebergAndina Arts jont the Christmas Market in Schneeberg from the 1. - 2. Advent, and on 3 and 4 Advent weekends in a stand at the women's market. With special offers on gifts, sweets and other treats attracted the christmas market in Schneeberg. Many visitors took the chance and bought your Christmas presents on the ground. Much admiration was also well known Lichtlfest. It is a secial gift to see how people enjoy quiet pre-christmas time.
Christmas Gifts Christmas market mulled Erzgebirge rest Promotions

Erlbacher Fair

This year we wanted to try our luck at the neighboring village Erlbach. The carnival on 17 and 18 October should also be their reputation, ie it was no good weather. The number of visitors has been limited, so was also our good stand. 59 on Lindenplatz not rewarded with success.
Kirmes Rummel fair market Erlbach Markneukirchen Vogtland<

5. Hof- & Kartoffelfest

27. September, 2009 at Tirschendorf Oelsnitz / Vogtland. A farmers' market and fair about the subject potato.
Farmer's Market Potato Festival Tirschendorf Oelsnitz potato market

16. Folklorum - The Festival of Cultures

04. - 06. - September 2009 Culture island in Einsiedel two and a half days to be different then in the rest of the year. This year we had a mix of rain and sunshine but if you wann be a hippie the weather dosen´t matter.
Folklorum cultures hippie culture Einsiedel

30. Free und Outside

Umsonst & Draußen 14. - 16 August 2009. For Free & Outside, the largest non-commercial music political culture festival in Stuttgart. This event cost us a lot of energy but derAufwand should be rewarded. We experienced the first event where we met exactly the audience that we had always wanted. The students had been so much interest in our project that our sales to the secondary.
Outdoor music festival for free political culture Stuttgart

50. Plauener Spitzenfest

We were hoping for a lot and were proud to participate in this event. Of 12 - 14 June 2009 we had our stand in the Herrenstaße. We tried to get costumers with the best deals to lure, but more than praise for our products, we did not get. After an unsuccessful weekend, we then had to evacuate ahead of the market also opposed the adjournment. The big celebration was successful and had a good entertainment value but unfortunately not for us.
Plauen Plauen lace top hard Vogtland Sachsen festival