Handbags - leather, fabric or felt

Fashionable handbags in bright colors made by hand.

a more fashion and handmade handbags are always a special gift. Handbags ideal gifts for Christmas or birthday.

Awayo fabric handbags * Mini - Handbags * luxury handbags * Chuspa bag

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Handbag - Chuspa (Design: 2)

Super light "Chuspa" vibrant colors and unique design - G006

£38.00 *
Special offer   £41.30

Pures made of tocuyo and leather

Large handbag Tocuyo fabric and leather. In a completely new design, fashionable, light and lively made by hand

£27.48 *
Special offer   £39.30
In stock

Design purse (Color: red)

Elegant designed purse, handmade out of sheep wool felt - S003.

£61.43 *

Deluxe purse made of nubuck (Color: brown)

This design will make your friends jealous and give you enough space for your personal stuff - S006

£64.67 *

Nostalgic briefcase made of genuine leather

Nostalgic briefcase made of genuine leather. Handmade, sturdy, safe lock and plenty of storage space for your files.

£85.33 *

Chuspa with a orange sunflower (Design: 6)

Green Summer Chuspa ", decorated with an orange in Sunflower classically stylish design.

£28.48 *
Special offer   £41.30

Handbag - Chuspa (Design: 3)

Super light bag from Nubuk leather. With much love designed and manufactured by hand.

£28.48 *
Special offer   £41.30

Shoulder bag - Chuspa - brown, black (Design: 4)

Lightweight leather shoulder bag Jutestoff brown and black. In modern design and made by hand.

£28.48 *
Special offer   £41.30

Shoulder bag made of leather and Awayo

Shoulder bag made of genuine leather and hand Awayo. Very rubust, with secure closure and plenty of storage space for your files.

£85.33 *
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Colorful handbags made of fabric, felt and Awayo

The large bag of jute or the handbag
in the semi-circular or rectangular
design with antique Awayo the every
handbag for makes unique gift.

Small leather handbags

Small handbag in a neutral design,
suitable for any occasion. There are
many different variations and de-
signs to choose from. A beautiful
gift for Mother's Day.

Handmade luxus purses

All handbags are of the highest quality, design each handbag is something special, because it was made by hand. Here you can find handbags in the new design. The better gift.

Chuspa thecolourful handbag

Handbags - Colorful Chuspa as a gift.
Handmade and beautifully designed
with the shape of a flower. Available
pink, orange , green , black , brown.

Fashionable money belt of Awayo

Money belts dont have to be ugly and plain. Here are four different models. The base material for the money belt is a local Awayo a fabric from Bolivia. The designs range from simple money belt until the belt for your documents or with extra pocket for your cell phone.


Cosmetic bags made and painted by hand. Made from Tocuyo a coarse cotton cloth. Leather purse set made from nappa leather. The ideal gift for a small price.