Handmade Christmas gifts from Bolivia the heart of South America

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Schultertuch aus Chiffon

Filzhauschuhe für Kinder und Babys

Neu bei Andina ArtsNew -  fashionable jewelry at Andina Arts. Handmade earrings, necklaces made of wood, seeds and beads. The new fashion with the unique designs from Bolivia, the heart of South America. Felt slippers for babies and children is now available in many sizes. Special features of wood, leather, alpaca - wool, Tocuyo and Awayo.

Reisformer, Untersetzer, Holzschüssel, Obstschale aus Holz

Our services range from wooden plates, wooden bowls, rice shaper to handmade handbags. Andina Arts the slightly different fashion.

Handtasche orange Leder

Wooden products

Orange handbag


Wooden Products

Obstschale aus HolzOnly to name some of our wooden produkts rice shaper, wooden bowls, wooden bowls, wooden plates to the Middle Ages only a few products in this category. Our wood products are made from organic wood pieces and remaining production areas by hand and are always very popular gifts.


Children's and baby sweaters from alpaca

Babypullover aus AlpakaCozy warm sweaters and ponchos in fashionable colors and unique designs. In this category - children's clothing - we have a large selection of fashionable clothes for children, babies and preemies. In addition, we also want to point to our natural toys and slippers for children and babies. Here you will find large and small llamas or alpacas, and even slippers made from real fur.


Felt slippers and slippers of real fur

Hausschuhe aus FellBeautiful Felt slippers for children, babies and adults. Lovingly crafted models look sweet in how they design and our mouse models may or clown. Of course, they can also find classic Felt slippers with a soft leather sole with us. But that's not all for those who constantly struggle with cold feet, we have something very special - Alpaca Fur slippers with a soft but non-slip soles made of genuine leather.


Jewelry - Necklaces and Earrings

Handgefertigte Ohrringe Unique and only for Andina Arts designed jewelry made of wood, seeds, beads, felt and Awayo. Our manufacturers are not to brake with their ideas and their creativity. These range from necklaces, bracelets to earrings in the most beautiful colors and designs.


Handbags and backpack handbags

Rucksackhandtasche aus echtem LederOur handbags have many a woman's heart beat faster. The colorful handbag with antique Awayo, handbags made from the finest leather, or something very special, the bag of felt. In the colors pink, orange, green, black and brown, the manufacturer of our imagination knows no boundaries. The handbag of our fine leather is always a most popular gift for women. If they can not decide whether they want a purse or a backpack then they are in our category backpack handbags just right. Here we have the combination of purse and backpack, the backpack handbag made of genuine leather hand made. Under the link purse - they are small handmade leather bag in a set of cosmetic bags or hand printed. Always a good gift for a small price.


Fashion of the special kind

SchultertuchWomen's clothing of alpaca - Andina Arts has a slightly different fashion for women. Whether colored slacks or our popular clothing from alpaca. From poncho, scarf, or cap, many of the products are made from 100% Alpaca - wool hand made. Trendy, alternative and classic fashion for women. Everything your heart desires and we should not once a request to fulfill, please let us know because many times a solution was closer than expected.


Men's clothing from alpaca - Also for men Andina Arts has the right fashion. The scarf or hat made of alpaca, shirts and trousers, or simply Tocuyo our popular Happy Pants, leisure pants in hippie style, a different kind of gift for men.


Natural Toys

Alpaka aus echtem LamafellToys - Stuffed animals, llama, frog, turtle and bull sheep hand-made from real fur or felt. A new offer of our hand-knitted finger puppets. Finger puppets to encourage creativity and fun. Please note our categories - money belt - made of colorful Awayo in many designs, for documents or with extra pocket for your phone. The best gift for the person who goes on tour. Stylish Living - Living it different from others? Find unusual products that will make your environment a little warmer, brighter, more cheerful. From the bottle pocket to the fruit bowl.



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