Handcrafts from the heart of south america

Handcrafts from the heart of south america

Handcrafts from the heart of South America

About us

Ueber unsHere we will show you a little more, the emergence of Andina Arts, the context and objectives we have set ourselves and how we will achieve them. Andina Arts is a project that was born on a trip through Bolivia. Born from the desire to the culture of this fantastic region the Andes. At the same time we want to support the Bolivian producers to improve their standard of living by exporting their products to Germany. Read more



Frequently Asked Questions

FAQHere you will find answers to many questions about Andina Arts and the portal. For example, the payment, shipping, fair trade up to our terms and conditions. Do not hesitate but to call or write us if you find no answer to your question. We want that our platform is transperent and customer friendly. Help us so that our service will be the best.




BolivienBolivia the wonderful country, a land of hospitality comes from the heart. Where do you start to report about the beauty of this country. Here we want to give a few impressions of this beautiful and yet vulnerable country. Soon we will here give more information about the culture and the lives of our manufacturers Read more.




Music City Markneukirchen In Markneukirchen, the seat and home of Andina Arts. From here, the heart of the music angle, we want to support Bolivia, the heart of South America. Although we have no shop on site, you can pick up our goods directly. We are also accessible to you, but please contact us about your visit by e-mail or phone. More on the Music City Markneukirchen and a small selection of images can be found when thishere



Schedules - Events

Schedules - EventsVisit us take on one of the many events where we are. Try our products and convince them of the excellent quality and variety of our offer. Here is a list of schedules - events in which will participate Andina Arts. Here you can see a list with our events.



Our Producers

unsere HerstellerOn this page we would like to introduce our manufacturers and tell you some of their work and their lives. This page is to them a little more from work and from the target that Andina Arts prosecuted to tell. Learn more about our manufacturers and read here.



Our raw materials and materials

Raw materials and materialsWhat are alpacas, which is felt or Tocuyo? What characteristics do these textiles, leather, or wood. Find the answers to many questions relating to our raw materials or materials. If you can not find the answer to your question do not hesitate to contact us. Read more about here.




Feedback Tell us what you think. Here are just some of our customer opinions we have received by email. The satisfaction of our customers is very important for this reason we are grateful for any feedback. Of course we prefer positive feedback, but we know it to appreciate it if we are advised of deficiencies. Before they give us a negative rating, we would ask us first on the deficiencies noted. I am sure we will find a solution to your satisfaction. To find a list of portals from which you can evaluate us neutral please click here.



Presentations on Bolivia

Präsentationen über BolivienAre you interested in South America, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru. We offer presentations according to your ideas and wishes. We want to bring the people of Europe the lives of people in South America a little closer and get them excited about the country of Bolivia. For further information click here




Raw materials and materialsAfter we could find after a long search, no standard measures for children's sizes and baby sizes we have decided to produce our own values. We have evaluated the size of tables and clothes sizes from many manufacturers and have set a mediocre. Size charts for children



Andina Arts

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